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Merino WoolKarowara Plains Poll Merino Stud was founded and registered in 2005 with the purchase of 61 cast for age poll merino stud Ewes and two rams from Quamby Park No 999 (Merryville and Roseville Park Bloodline) with additional ewes purchased over the next few years to build up numbers. In 2007 a Terrick West line was introduced with the purchase of a Ram and some additional semen in 2008. In 2014 we purchased a One Oak ewe at the disbursal sale for $9000 to include in our ET program, which has been very successful.We did this to help increase the frame, size and structure on our plain body sheep.

Also in 2014 our sire Merlin 11-024 was entered in the Balmoral Sire Evaluation with promising results topping the twining and scoring well with single lamb survival and micro fineness.

Our overall aim is to produce a fine to fine/medium long staple bright deep crimping soft wool on a large frame placing more emphasis on producing excellent meat traits, whilst maintaining the excellent wool  attributes.

Our Ewes weighing up to 90 kg paddock run with an average micro of 18.5 and our yields are around 73% in favourable conditions. Quamby Park is well known for its Poll sheep with 30 years of poll breeding, which we are now benefiting from with our stud.

We run the stud and commercial flock in a mixed dry land farming operation located 35km west of Forbes on the banks of the Goobang creek in a 500 mm rainfall area. These sheep are well suited to many environments from high rainfall tablelands through to the slopes and plains country.

20 Jun 2016
June 20, 2016

One Oak Stud ewe purchase

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We purchased a very sought after merino ewe from One Oak Stud at the Disbursement sale. We paid $9000.00 for this ewe to use in our ET program and have had great results. The ewes details are 00 BR 13-001 (ET265) MIc 18.2, SD 2.5, CV13.7, CF 99.6% read more →

25 Jan 2016
January 25, 2016

Great Southern Supreme Sheep Show 2016

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Karowara Plains were very successful at the Great Southern Supreme Sheep Show 2016, taking out these ribbons: Reserve Champion August Shorn superfine wool poll merino Ram Reserve Champion August Shorn fine wool poll merino Ram Champion August Shorn fine wool poll merino Ewe Grand Champion August shorn Poll Meriono Ewe read more →

27 Aug 2012
August 27, 2012

Fine Wool Ewe Champion 2012

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Karowara Plains won the Fine Wool Ewe Champion 2012 at the Rabobank National Merino Show 2012 read more →

Karowara Plains won the Fine/Medium Wool Poll Ram Champion at the Rabobank National Merino Show 2012 read more →

Karowara Plains won the Reserve Champion Fleece at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011 read more →